Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Monday's Music Moves Me!

Okay, it's been a long hard road for me trying to get this computer to do what I want it to do, so for now how about.... our first tune is a little different, but I swear you're going to love this song with ERIC CLAPTON & PETER FRAMPTON - "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (HD)

Let it rain with "Eric Clapton"! 
WOO HOO!  Now let's bring in somebody totally different...  
One last one.... Listen to the rhythm of the rain by cascades



I hope to see you next week... but I'm late with this one... but being as I'm working at this and trying to get it right, let me know how I did.  HUGS TO ALL who sees this...  I'VE MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH, BUT PLEASE KNOW I'M STILL WORKING ON MY BLOG!  OH & HOW'D YA LIKE MY KNEW COMPUTER FROM THE KIDS?  THEY'RE THE BEST KIDS EVER!  I LOVE EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU IMMENSELY!  OKAY STOP IT NOW BEFORE I START CRYING AGAIN!  LOVE MY BABIES!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Mama & No. 1 Child /daughter  Tricia! No. 1 & Mama all grown.  Love her to pieces/she's always taking care of mama & we have days we set aside just for us... well, grandchildren too! ~hehe~

My baby boy & the one above is one in the same! My Cuddles (he got that name because when he was a baby that's all he wanted to do is CUDDLE! 

My youngest daughter Melissa is a nurse in Missouri & my baby girl was born a premie 3lbs. 2oz & didn't come home until she was 4lbs 2 oz I believe & she has one son named Edward & she's made her mama even prouder when she grew up to be a nurse!  All 3 gave their Mama my Christmas computer!  Love my babies!

My third child (son) did not chip in on this one.  He's my... well the old saying... he's my Peck's bad boy & the black sheep of the family as they say!  Have a great day!  HUGS - I'm so glad to be back.