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Hello Daisy!  ha ha  



We're starting to take a few things down, but on the 16th it will all come down the next day because we're having our Christmas on the 16th.  My eldest daughter & her family had Covid in early part of December, but they're all doing very well now & they are Covid free.  Thank the Lord for freeing them from this horrible virus.  I never prayed so hard in my life.  My baby & family were so sick & I couldn't do anything about it.  My youngest grandson who will be 13 in March he didn't catch it for some reason.  I said I would come get him, but my daughter didn't want to take the chance that I would get it he just stayed in his room.  God bless him, but as I said they are all well now.  Praise the Lord.  So we're having my eldest son and his two teenagers & my youngest daughter, her fiancée' and her son will be coming in from Missouri.  Then when the brood leave the tree comes down and my youngest daughter will help.  She's a nurse so she's already been vaccinated.  

So my friends have a wonderful day & I'm so happy you found me this is really my new home.  Got kind of mixed up with the "the".  One has one (this one), and the other isn't doesn't.  Oh well, have a great day and hopefully I'll get this new place to work right or I'll have go out and find a place I can afford to have that .com the one I do know how to work like my last one.  Sheesh!  HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!  BE HAPPY.... BE SAFE.... BE WELL!!!  


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